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Marketing and Pricing Organizations


  • "How to Fight a Price War" by Akshay Rao, Mark Bergen, and Scott Davis, from The Harvard Business Review
  • "Using the Anticipation of Competitive Actions to Make SMART Pricing Decisions," by Scott Davis, John Cripps, and Steve Kutner, from the Journal of Professional Pricing.
  • Introducing Reactor™ by Scott Davis


  • Segmentation
    Customer segmentation is a key to developing a successful strategy and pricing policy in a competitive environment. Several different potential crieteria for segmentation are summarized.
  • Approaches to Segmentation
    Both qualitative and quantitative methods can be used to segment a customer market. Methods reviewed include: qualitative approaches, cross tabular analysis, interaction detection techniques such as CHAID, and cluster analysis.
  • Monetary Value to the Customer Analysis
    A Monetary Value to the Customer Analysis (MVCA) estimates the customer's value of a good or service by evaluating its financial implications for the purchaser.


  • "Developing an Effective Pricing Strategy for a Troubled Economy"
  • "Know Thy Customer: Predicting How Preference Translates into Choice"

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