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  • Segmentation Overview (HTML)
    By segmenting in the market, it is possible to determine who the most likely prospects are for your product and develop product designs and prices that will most effectively target them. This note provides a brief overview of the rationales behind segmentation and approaches to doing so.
  • Approaches to Segmentation (HTML, PDF)
    There are many ways to segment the customers in a market. This note reviews different segmentation criteria and approaches to customer segmentation.
  • Monetary Value to the Customer Analysis (HTML)
    A Monetary Value to the Customer Analysis (MVCA) estimates the customer's value of a good or service by evaluating its financial implications for the purchaser.


  • "Developing an Effective Pricing Strategy for a Troubled Economy" (PDF)
    (Originally presented by Scott Davis at the Professional Pricing Society Fall conference, October 22, 2009)
    The way a company should adjust price in the turbulent economy depends on how their goods and services are perceived by customers. For example, weaker demand may imply that a price reduction may be necessary for products that are perceived to be luxuries. However, it may be beneficial to for the seller to maintain or increase prices for products that are viewed as attractive trade-down discretionary products or necessities. The impact of a weak economy on competitors, suppliers, channel members and potential strategic partners is also discussed along with the resulting implications for pricing policies.
  • "Know Thy Customer: Predicting How Preference Translates into Choice" (PDF)
    (Originally presented by Scott Davis at the Professional Pricing Society Fall conference, October 29, 2008)
    Utility estimates are often used to build market models to predict sales and profits. Howe ver, there are several factors that may cause traditional approaches to provide seriously biased predictions. The presentation discusses how one may account for: the impact of multiple parties on choice decisions, the role of simplified customer choice rules, the impact of distribution and channel incentives on the offers from which the customers may choose, and the effect of awareness and marketing variables.