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About Strategic Marketing Decisions


SMD's goal is to utilize cutting edge analysis to assist our clients in making better marketing strategy decisions. We aim to help our clients design their product and service offerings that best suit their target markets and price them in a way to best capture a fair share of the value they provide their customers while being mindful of competitive responses.


Every project undertaken by SMD is directly supervised by its Principal and founder, Scott Davis. SMD also relies heavily on its strategic partners and academic research associates in providing consulting services. This policy enables us to bring the most appropriate specialists to address our clients' consulting needs rather than assigning the project to an employee who happens to be "on the beach." It also eliminates the need to inflate billable rates to cover the cost of full-time consultants' non-billed hours which allows us to provide high-quality analysis and advice at a reasonable cost.

On Pricing and Marketing Strategy

Many products and services are managed without a clear strategic plan. SMD advocates an integrated approach that includes a careful consideration of the four "C's" that influence the effectiveness of a pricing policy: Company, Customers, Competitors, and Contributors (suppliers, channel members, strategic partners, and regulatory agencies). SMD provides the research, analysis, and training to help its clients make more effective pricing and strategy decisions.

SMD believes that pricing is the cornerstone of an effective marketing strategy. Our goal is to improve marketing strategy by combining sophisticated analytics with sound managerial judgment to design products that will have the greatest likelihood of the success and price them in a way that best achieves the company's objectives. Prices are very often determined using simple rules of thumb. Such simplistic policies do not account for the important role of price in strategic positioning, product design, and ultimately the bottom line. A failure to formulate a sound pricing policy will usually result in a profit performance that falls below potential.


SMD has provided consulting services and training since 1996. We have provided consulting services for a wide variety of businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies (such as AT&T, General Electric, and Bristol-Meyers Squibb, to name a few) to start-ups that were introducing a new product to market.